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You are about to move houses and you probably don’t know where to start and that is
perfectly okay. Looking at removal companies can be over whelming because there are so
many who offer similar types of services and you might not understand which one to pick
for your house. We have come up with a list of things that you should keep in mind if you to
choose the best removals Leicester.
 Pre-move survey
Once you have your moving date finalized and you have decided on a removals company,
they should offer you a survey before you sign any types of contracts. This survey involved a
tour of your house and the things that have to be moved so they can provide you with an
accurate quote. They might even tell you if they have issues with certain things so there is
no misunderstanding later on. This survey costs nothing and typically is conducted in an
hour and is very thorough.
 Moving dates and schedule
An efficient removals company will make sure to take down all they key information, such
as packing the boxes, the exact moving day and time, and what time do you need to be at
the new house etc. The more detail they go into, the better.
 Provision of insurance
Even though it is not mandatory for these companies to provide you with insurance but it is
always smart to ask and check. A good company will offer you coverage in case of any
unfortunate circumstances, and these should be written down in proper documentation. As
a great as a company might be, it is possible that accidents can happen. So it is wise if you
take precautionary measure against such possible events.

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