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The Search command on the Start menu locates the document, and you can then open it.
Double-clicking a document icon in My Computer opens a document.

Windows offers several ways to open documents:

Open your document from within the program you used to create it.
Use the My Recent Documents command on the Start menu to open a document that you have used recently.
Use the Search command on the Start menu to locate the document and then open it.
Double-click a document icon in My Computer.
Notice that in each correct example, the sentences are imperative. Believe it or not, despite how you feel when it is your mother talking, readers prefer the imperative.

Parallelism in Paragraphs, Topics, and Documents

The best way to make your reader feel comfortable is to establish a pattern for all of the information. All of the paragraphs in the same section should have the same voice and mood. All of the topics should follow the same pattern. All the documents should have the same structure. This eliminates the drama from the writing but, let’s face it, when you need information now, who needs drama?

For example, if your document has a chapter that starts with a heading, a brief introductory sentence, and a list of the information that is in the chapter. All chapters should have that structure. Otherwise, it is very obvious that you have multiple authors or a totally scatterbrained person writing your document. The bonus is that, once you establish a pattern, it is easier to write as well as read.

Additionally, once you have established a pattern, readers can pay attention to the information and not even notice the writing. Isn’t that the goal of real technical writers? If it isn’t, it certainly should be.

Writing is my vocation and my avocation. It seems I learn something new daily and w

There is a strong parallel between corporations and medical science. Companies fall sick
just as people do. Contrary to the common view, a company is not an inanimate object.
Rather, it is a community of people, a living organism and an entity with its own
distinctive personality and attitudes. Therefore, without proper care, a company, which
has a life of its own, will perish. Rather than understanding businesses by using some
mechanical or industrial models, it is useful to understand them from the perspective of

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