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Title insurance offsets the risk associated with title transference. To minimize the effects of issues not discovered during a title search, many land buyers invest in title insurance as part of the closing costs of a transaction.

Owner’s title insurance often provides coverage for losses up to the full price of the title in the event that an issued jeopardizes a claim to ownership in the future. Owner’s insurance policies will also cover dispute resolution legal costs including damages awarded to another party up to policy limits. Lender’s title insurance protects the lender’s agreement with the borrower. In the event of a land dispute, the policy will cover the lender’s losses and legal expenses for more you can visit landscaping kellertexas

7. Land title governance varies, sometimes widely. In the United States, individual states handle estate and real property governance. Countries such as Australia use a guaranteed title governance system called a Torrens title system. Under the Torrens system, those listed in the county title records retain undisputable ownership of the land in question.

Some states in the US have incorporated aspects of the Torrens system into their title governance systems, but the system remains debated among members of the legal and real estate communities. Instead, the majority of US states use common law title governance to determine rights and ownership.

Common Torrens system titles include the Torrens title, Strata title, Company title, and Leasehold title. Torrens titles are for traditional single owner property/home ownership. Strata titles govern unit investments in multi-unit complexes (condos, villas, townhomes, etc.). Company titles allow property owners to hold shares in the company that retains ownership of the building, not the property itself. Leasehold titles give owners temporary ownership rights for government-owned land.

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To find out basic information about a title, land ownership, and recorded covenants, individuals can go directly to the courthouse, use an online database, or work with an attorney or real estate professional to conduct property due diligence. Land titles play an important role in protecting ownership rights and avoiding risks associated with real estate transactions. Keep this information in mind the next time you think about purchasing property or entering into any property-related contract with a land owner. Investing in vacant land may have decreased in popularity in recent years, but high property prices and a competitive market could lead more buyers to reconsider this option in future.

“Property experts caution buyers that vacant land isn’t always the cheaper option in the long run, however, and while there are certainly opportunities to be had, it’s important to understand all the potential pros and cons,” says Rawson.

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