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Celebrating New Year at the Greek Island of Rhodes

Consistently January first is commended with incredible satisfaction and energy in Rhodes Island. Individuals of Rhodes sit tight during the current day as it isn’t just Protohronia (New Year) for them yet in addition the day of St. Basil. Offspring of any age are quick to get blessings from Saint Basil. Rhodes Island conveys its very own significance of New Year and a wide range of conventions and festivities are related with it.

Observing New Year in Rhodes gives the opportunity to uncover the way of life and customs of this place. Everywhere throughout the island, diverse festivals and firecracker indicates are masterminded. Happy New Year 2019 Quotes With the end goal to make your Rhodes Holidays extraordinary amid New Year, the arrangements for this uber occasion begins ahead of time.


With regards to Rhodes Island, there is continually something fascinating each year. Here you can appreciate impressive minutes and gain extraordinary experiences of your Rhodes Holidays. Individuals welcomes the crisp year with most extreme enjoyment. As per a custom, any kid or young lady named Vasilis gets blessings and wishes. Temples and religious communities named after Vasilis plan uncommon festivals.

New Year’s Eve Cake – Vassilopita:

Additionally alluded to as the Feast of Saint Basil, cutting New Year’s Eve Cake is one of the most established conventions in Rhodes Island, Greece. A coin is put inside the cake. The leader of the house cuts the cake and offers cuts to all individuals from the family. Whoever gets the cut having coin is accepted to have a fortunate year. So bear in mind to cut the New Year’s Eve Cake with your family amid Rhodes Holidays.


Greeks trust that bunches of favorable luck is related with New Year. Along these lines, individuals think of it as fortunate to bet. Regardless of they win or lose, they continue betting throughout the day. Following the custom, they assemble around a table secured with green felt and play cards on it. Card playing and rolling the shakers have turned out to be more similar to a custom in Rhodes.

Filling of vessel:

As a piece of antiquated New Year conventions in Rhodes, individuals void a vessel of water and after that fill it with crisp water.

Gatherings and different festivals:

With the end goal to welcome the New Year, numerous lodgings and eateries mastermind extraordinary New Year parties. Essentially, festivities occur in bars and bistros. Extraordinary occasion nighttimes and melodic evenings are organized. These gatherings begin at mid night and last till the morning.

New Year Carols:

New Year hymns are an unquestionable requirement in Rhodes. Children visit houses in their neighborhood while singing Kalanda and welcome them with New Year wishes. The property holders give little blessings or cash to those children.

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