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Best Hotels for Honeymoon

Whether you are staying at one of the Seychelles’ many honeymoon resorts with hotels for unmarried couples in delhi your new spouse, or simply taking a yearly holiday with your boyfriend or girlfriend, this archipelago in the Indian Ocean is the perfect place for couples. With a myriad of fun activities to do and romantic spots to visit, a trip to these islands is sure to be unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Although there are many water sports to enjoy and beaches to relax on, there are also several activities that are especially suited to couples. Here are 3 of the most romantic things to do in the Seychelles with your partner.

The activity that should be at the top of every couple’s list when they venture to the Seychelles is chartering a private boat to take them on a trip to the islands of their choice. With an incredible 115 islands – only a few of which are inhabited – hiring a boat is a great way to enjoy some romantic alone time as well as explore all that this African paradise has to offer.

You can research the islands that you would most like to visit before your departure, or instead contact one of the many reputable companies offering boat tours and ask for their suggestions before you arrive.

As the best Seychelles honeymoon resorts and hotels for couples are located on the 3 main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, a private boat charter will allow you to enjoy the comfort and luxury of top of the range accommodation, yet still give you the freedom to explore islands where no one else is.

The second suggestion for an activity that you can enjoy as a couple is a spa day, as many Seychelles honeymoon resorts and luxury hotels offer a range of spa treatments with both Eastern and Western influences. Many good spas will offer a couple’s treatment packages, so you and your partner can spend the day relaxing and indulging in your well-being together.

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