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Best game Ever ,run 3 cool math

An easy way to see the relevance of reflection is to picture games as a circle: you start with an explanation of the activity, framing its purpose and goals to the group. The activity progresses, with the facilitator taking a more hands-on or less guiding approach as needed. Finally, the group reflection helps participants see how they met the goal, and to envision the broader social change implications. Then the group has come full-circle.

What Games Should We Play? cool math run 3
Games can be chosen to meet almost any purpose. The following games mentioned are all in the book mentioned below. Does your group need to develop its teambuilding skills? Try the Caterpillar. Do you need to work closely and get used to each other’s physical space? Try Sardines. You’ve been inside all day, sitting on your butts and thinking, and you just want to play? Check out Blob Tag or Human Scissors-Paper-Rock . Your group needs to trust each mentally, emotionally, and physically? Use the Trust Circle. Learning, trusting, feeling and thinking together are the goals of these games. Its helpful for every group to remember that.

Many people use games as an introduction or a closing to their activities. However, its a good idea to add them throughout your day, between or as a part of a larger event. Games are a great way to break up the monotony of a long day’s learning, or a hard day’s work. They are also a great way to keep small children busy, and big children happy. You may want to play a game to reinforce teamwork after a sucky day (because they happen) or play a game to relieve some group stress or build the scenario to work through a problem. Games are actually tools that a skilled facilitator has at their fingertips in a time of need.

Great! How Do We Get Started?
Below is a list of easy-to-use games. They come from a wide collection of games available from the Freechild Project’s FireStarter Youth Power Curriculum. Check out this list and go visit FireStarter for more! You can also look up the bibliography listed under the Facilitator’s Guide there.

For many more resources on cooperative and initiative games, visit the links on the right, and read some of the great books available (especially those by the greats Karl Rohnke and Dale LeFevre. Play safe, play purposefully, play fun and play hard!

Selected Games
Check out our free book, The Freechild Project Guide to Cooperative Games for Social Change. This insightful new guide will help community workers, teachers, activists, and all kinds of people find fun, engaging, and powerful activities that promote teamwork, communication, and social justice.

LeFevre, Dale (1988) New Games for the Whole Family. New York: Perigee Books.
Counts, George S. (1963) Education and the Foundations of Human Freedom. Out-of-print.

Be honest, you want to be smarter. There’s nothing wrong with that. Studies consistently demonstrate that intelligence is among the most desirable qualities a person has. Whether you’re trying to survive an intensive college schedule, appreciate the finer points of Machiavellianism, or impress your friends with an accomplished understanding of string theory, there are plenty of ways to boost your actual (and perceived) intelligence.

A lot of people agree with the idea that learning should be fun. It’s a bit surprising, but totally supported by science, that computer games not only increase your brain power, but also preserve your mental faculties.

The bottom line is, computer games make you smart, and better at life. Here’s why:

1. Failure is the key to success

Ask pretty much anyone who has ever had any success in anything if they have ever failed. You will invariably get a resounding “Yes!”, because EVERYONE has failed at something.. The key to ultimate success at just about anything really, is to fail, a lot.

Most people probably know about Thomas Edison and his spectacular failure rate (or his SUCCESSFUL ruling out of 1000’s of possible solutions, if you’re a glass half-full kinda person), but you probably didn’t know about some of these epic fails:



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