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A Few Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring An App

Keeping things simple is the key! Enterprise apps should be easy with clean interfaces for usability. App developers must aim to build an app that serves a clear purpose and meets your business goals, rather than trying to bombard the app with multiple features. An app has to be user-friendly and intuitive so that anyone can figure out easily and this can only happen when enterprise app developers put themselves in their end-users’ shoes in-order to avoid worst pitfalls of enterprise apps.

Obsolete Technology
Apart from poor UX, obsolete technology and lack of robust backend integration with backend resources and public APIs in view expanding technology is often is among the major reasons forĀ enterprise app failures. Many enterprises continue to use legacy systems not compatible with mobile services and thus unable to meet user expectations for more additions and changes with arrival of new technologies. Enterprise apps also likely to fail and only add to a company’s pile of ‘waste of money’ projects if you have an inefficient API strategy or your BYOD and MDM policies not implemented and managed efficiently managed

The Right Way:
Robust and secure back-end integration capabilities, right API strategy ensure sustainability and relevancy of the app. Given the challenges of device fragmentation, you must make efforts to optimize enterprise mobile apps across a variety of platforms. One solution is choosing the platform and technology stack for your business app with an understanding why your enterprise needs mobile apps for which business processes, the users’ needs and wants.

It may also depend on the choice of your core audience. While at one-time BlackBerry was the standard for enterprise apps until Android and Apple’s iOS dominated the scene. Both of which have their own unique software and interface features. Further beyond the OS and types of devices, there is also an industry or market preference for certain devices that tend to be more popular choice. Thus, for instance in the entertainment industry and retail industry, Apple devices like iPad, iPad Pro are preferred while many major retail and industries prefer popular Samsung or Nexus devices for Android OS.

Poor Post-Launch Management and Analytics
An often-overlooked aspect of successful mobile app is enterprise app analytics and management. While app analytics refers to how often the app is used and how the app is performing and being leveraged by people and helps to give valuable insights about the app. This information will help you to understand how your app is performing and what your users are saying so you can consistently improve your app and its overall performance.

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